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950ml Liquid Roof Repair Kit - White

Two-component chemically curing EPDM Rubber in easy to apply liquid form. Permanently seals leaks on seams, seals and flashings. Kit includes catalyst, mixer shaft, brush and reinforcing fabric.

Now you too can enjoy the many benefits of a weather-tight rubber roof for your caravan. Liquid Roof forms a 100% chemically cured seamless membrane for your caravan, every bit as solid and attractive as factory installed sheet rubber. You can install an entire new caravan roof yourself, or make repairs to your existing caravan roof, quickly and easily. Goes on like paint - works like magic.

US Gallons Litres Coverage (m2) Coverage (ft2)
 1/4 950ml 0.925–0.975
 1 3.78 3.70–3.90
 2 7.56 7.43–7.80 
 3 11.34  11.14–11.70 
 4 15.12 14.86–15.60 
 5 18.90  18.58–19.50 
 6 22.68  22.29–23.41
££68.99 inc VAT
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