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SpeedPatch hole repair 300 x 200mm

SpeedPatch has had years of reliable service in the roofing industry, and it's now available for your caravan roof repair. Unlike other repair solutions, which break down under relentless sunight, SpeedPatch is UV stable and so can keep your leak at bay in the long run. This protects your furnishings and electrics all year round, and you don't have to worry about the next raincloud ruining your holiday. SpeedPatch comes in a UV-resistant foil bag, and is flexible in its uncured state. Once exposed to sunlight, it'll cure into a rigid weatherproof barrier, keeping out even the worst of the storms.

How to apply

You can also seal that hole immediately with a quick and easy application. Clean the area and wait till it's 100% dry, then prime with the UV Curing Resin. Take care to keep the tin out of the sun as much as possible. This will dry quickly when exposed to sunlight, even on a dull day. Cut open the bag the SpeedPatch comes in and peel off the clear film on the light coloured side. Apply this side down, with a black film covering the top side. Apply pressure to ensure all parts of the SpeedPatch are stuck down, then peel off the black film to speed up the curing process. Once cured, your caravan roof is completely sealed. For extra protection, apply more of the UV Curing resin over the top and around the edges. Then enjoy years of leak free motoring. 

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