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Don’t just take our word for the quality, performance, ease of use and durability of Liquid Roof. Here’s what delighted caravan owners and caravan repairers have been saying about high-quality. Long-lasting repairs with Liquid Roof since the 1990s.

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"I was going to install a regular rubber roof when I saw your product. It would save a lot of work. I ordered a gallon to try and your product was just what you said it was. It went on easy with the squeegee and evened itself to a beautiful coating. It looks and feels like it will last a long time. I am ordering a second gallon to finish the job."

Bernie P.

"I just put the Liquid Roof on yesterday and I was amazed how smooth it got, at first I was a little worried but it sealed and is the most wonderful stuff. I want to do the roof of my horse trailer with this product. Thank You for the wonderful product. I think the 950mls would be wonderful for a patch."

E. Crouse

"Your product held up to its claims. We had ordered it for a aluminum roof that was previously coated with a foam membrane. Your product will be recommended since itis capable of going on many surfaces with existing materials making it very cost effective in terms of prep work that is not needed."

D. Erikenson

"We recently installed Liquid Roof on the roof of our houseboat. Liquid Roof was installed over unpainted plywood, fiberglass, painted wood and aluminum. It bonded very well to everything! Installation was relatively easy and the final result looks great! We are extremely pleased and have been recommending it to everyone on our dock! Thanks."

D Skipper.

"Let me tell you, the liquid roof is a superior product. We just wanted to tell you that we are extremely satisfied with the performance of application and the final result."


"I am not one to write and say thank you. But, I must say this stuff is great. Your liquid roof is FANTASTIC :) I had my doubts, and wasn't sure if I was applying it right, but, it has turned out to be superb."


"I'm just writing to say thank you, I was very pleased with the product. It arrived
intact and I've started to apply it on my roof. It is a thick paint b
ut the coverage is amazing, I am very satisfied with the results. Your product didn't require a primer and it is less toxic than the other products made available to me.

Isabelle B.

"Our roof was in such bad shape before we realised it, that we ended up with a completely soaked through bed. After researching different products, we decided to use Liquid Roof. The instructions were simple enough and it only took about 2 hours to apply the liquid roof. The next day, it rained and the roof got put to the test. We checked inside and there was no moisture at all. The water beaded up on the roof. What a relief. So far we are extremely happy with the results."

Amanda L.



Liquid Roof White

1 US Gallon Liquid Roof Product. Buy from our shop page

Liquid Roof White

1 US Quart Liquid Roof Product. Buy it now

Liquid Roof Kit

1 US Gallon Liquid Roof Kit Product. Buy it here at Caravan Roof Repair

Liquid Roof Kit

1 US Quart Liquid Roof Kit Product. Protect the roof of your caravan

3.78 Litres (1 US Gallon)

£94.33 inc VAT

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 950ml (1 US Quart)

£28.04 inc VAT

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3.78 Litres (1 US Gallon)

£107.08 inc VAT

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950ml (1 US Quart)

£41.59 inc VAT

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